A Simple Explanation Of Kratom Strains and Kratom Effects

You may find yourself a little overwhelmed with all the diverse types and strains of kratom on the market. You may have questions like: What are the benefits of kratom? What are the differences between the different kratom strains? This can be a lot to process and can be overwhelming to those new to the herb.  So, what, exactly is kratom, and what varieties and strains are there?

Kratom rows as a large tropical tree. It belongs to the same botanical family as coffee. Kratom trees can grow up to 60 feet tall, with a large canopy. The leaves have veins – the color of the veins varies between different varieties of kratom. The veins (and the varieties that are named for them) are red, green, yellow, or white. In general, red and yellow have more of a sedating effect, while white is more stimulating and produces an energizing effect. Green falls between the two. These varieties are all found within each strain.

Kratom strains can be thought of as types of kratom. They tend to be named after the geographical area where the strain is usually grown, the region the kratom was harvest from and the color of the leaf veins. For example, Red Vein Thai describes kratom that was harvested from a red veined tree in Thailand.

Green and White Kratom are what would be considered the energetic strains with white being slightly more energizing then the green. Both strains are reported to be more energizing than the red and yellow strains. The green leaves are said to promote mental cognition and endurance and is favored by the physically active.
Red and Yellow Kratom are considered to have a more sedating effect and has been used for pain relief and as an alternative for opiate dependence. Some users have reported a sense of euphoria with use.

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